Alexa – can you eavesdrop on us please

After my post last week about the Panorama programme here in the UK, there was a story in the news today about a couple in the US who were surprised by a call from a friend who had been emailed a recording of their conversation. Read all about it here. And no, I couldn’t believe … Continue reading Alexa – can you eavesdrop on us please

Connected at home – what’s the problem?

You’ve probably heard by now of the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s essentially anything that is connected to the internet that isn’t a “standard” laptop or computer. But how secure is it? And how secure is your car? Just because your key fob is in your house doesn’t mean your car can’t be stolen. The … Continue reading Connected at home – what’s the problem?

Presentations – an update

Last week I shared some tips on how to produce good presentations. Earlier this week I found out that at a different conference I’d been voted one of the top speakers at the event. As you can imagine I was very pleased to hear this. I’m convinced that this was a direct result of all … Continue reading Presentations – an update


A big aspect of information security for me is awareness ie helping spread the word about what Security is and how it affects individuals (after all, this Easy Cyber blog site is all about that). I thought I’d share this story about a presentation I gave last year, and how I did my best to … Continue reading Presenting…presentations

It’s just a Like…

What harm can it do? You know, seeing your favourite hairdresser or coffee shop on social media, and clicking on the Like button? And what about all those little quizzes and fun games that appear? Like what are your top 5 places to visit, what was your first pet called etc. Not to mention the … Continue reading It’s just a Like…

How did Cambridge Analytica do what they did?

I wasn’t going to post any more on this topic, but found a really good video on the BBC which explains the psychology behind targeted adverts etc. I thought it might be helpful for you to see how it worked, so check out the video here. One thing I really like about the video is … Continue reading How did Cambridge Analytica do what they did?

Cambridge Analytica – who knew?

Err, we did! Regular readers will have seen my post last year which talked about the dangers of over sharing. It described pretty much exactly what’s happened with Cambridge Analytica, on a massive scale. I’m not going to go into detail on what they did – there’s a lot of news coverage you can check … Continue reading Cambridge Analytica – who knew?

Do you have privacy fatigue?

It’s a fact of life these days that we constantly seem to have people giving out dire warnings about being careful what information you share online, who can overhear you giving out your credit card numbers etc. It seems like we’re being warned that there are ears everywhere. Do you know what? There are. But … Continue reading Do you have privacy fatigue?

Vehicle Security

You’ve no doubt heard the stories about cars being hacked over WifI or Bluetooth, but today I want to talk about an easier security risk: second-hand, hire and courtesy cars… I’ve recently had my car in the garage to have it serviced, and I was provided with a reasonably new courtesy car. I had to … Continue reading Vehicle Security

Should we be worried about our MPs security awareness?

Over the weekend a couple of tweets by a UK Member of Parliament (MP) have generated a wave of outrage and comment amongst the security community. Nadine Dorries mentioned that she routinely shares her password with her staff and often has to ask them what it is. (Incidentally, Nadine should make sure all her other … Continue reading Should we be worried about our MPs security awareness?