Episode 4 – Passwords

I’ve posted several articles about passwords on here, including this one on password hygiene, this one on passwords in general and this one on common passwords. I thought I’d do a brief podcast to provide a précis, so here it is! EasyCyber Episode 4 If you like the podcast, why not subscribe to my You … Continue reading Episode 4 – Passwords

A Question of Privilege

I published this article on LinkedIn in December 2016.  In it, I talk about Privileged Accounts (known variously as Admin, Root, Superuser etc) and the importance of managing them well. You can find details of where to find me on LinkedIn on the About Me page.

Top 10 Passwords of 2016 Revealed

I know I’m banging on about passwords again, but this is important people!  If you check this story out, you’ll see that of the top 10 passwords used last year, 4 were 6 characters or less, and hardly any of the top 20 are new or different to previous years.  The top password of 2016 … Continue reading Top 10 Passwords of 2016 Revealed

What’s the deal with passwords?

In an earlier post I talked about password hygiene, and about the challenges we have in keeping passwords secret.  I realised that I’d missed the opportunity to talk about why we need passwords – so I thought I’d cover it now. Computers will – if set up “normally” – ask for a username and password … Continue reading What’s the deal with passwords?