Episode 4 – Passwords

I’ve posted several articles about passwords on here, including this one on password hygiene, this one on passwords in general and this one on common passwords. I thought I’d do a brief podcast to provide a prĂ©cis, so here it is! EasyCyber Episode 4 If you like the podcast, why not subscribe to my You … Continue reading Episode 4 – Passwords

Global Cyber Attack – the Podcast

Earlier today I shared a post about yesterday’s cyber attack which affected so many devices across so many countries.  This is the podcast / video which accompanies it.   EasyCyber Special Edition Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel while watching this special edition, Episode 4 of this podcast will be published soon.  It’s all … Continue reading Global Cyber Attack – the Podcast

Episode 1 – What is Cyber?

This is very exciting! This is the first podcast I’ve ever made with video. I’ve even thrown in a couple of edits, see if you can spot them! It’s a quick introduction to the site, and I talk about why I’m doing this and what I hope to achieve. I hope you like it! The … Continue reading Episode 1 – What is Cyber?