Episode 4 – Passwords

I’ve posted several articles about passwords on here, including this one on password hygiene, this one on passwords in general and this one on common passwords. I thought I’d do a brief podcast to provide a précis, so here it is!

EasyCyber Episode 4

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Podcast now available for free in iTunes

I’m very excited! I’ve just added these podcasts to iTunes, so please subscribe to listen / watch at your leisure! 

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Episode 1 – What is Cyber?

This is very exciting! This is the first podcast I’ve ever made with video. I’ve even thrown in a couple of edits, see if you can spot them! It’s a quick introduction to the site, and I talk about why I’m doing this and what I hope to achieve. I hope you like it!

The podcast expands a bit on the topics covered in this post.

Oh – and it’s on my very own YouTube channel. I’m very excited about it!

EasyCyber Episode 1

Exciting News!

Well, it’s exciting for me! I’m currently working on a series of podcasts for this site, so you’ll shortly be able to listen to these articles while on the move. How cool is that? (Here’s a hint – it’s very cool!) I listen to podcasts from a number of sources on a regular basis while I’m travelling: it’s a great way of keeping up to date, and means that long car or train journeys aren’t wasted time. 

I know what you’re thinking though. What’s a podcast, and how do I use it? Think of it a bit like using one of the many catch up services for TV and radio, or like an audio book. It’s a recorded item that you can listen to at your leisure. When I start publishing them, I’ll make sure I include instructions for you so you can subscribe to them and download them. 

Watch this space, as I’ll be updating the website and will let you know when everything is up and running!