Good Social Media Hygiene

We’ve all started to get used to our “new normal” of working from home. There have been a lot of posts about how to do this effectively, and some of you may even have used some of the guidance I recently published on here. (A big thank you if you have!) A quick heads up is … Continue reading Good Social Media Hygiene

Cambridge Analytica – who knew?

Err, we did! Regular readers will have seen my post last year which talked about the dangers of over sharing. It described pretty much exactly what’s happened with Cambridge Analytica, on a massive scale. I’m not going to go into detail on what they did – there’s a lot of news coverage you can check … Continue reading Cambridge Analytica – who knew?

Do you have privacy fatigue?

It’s a fact of life these days that we constantly seem to have people giving out dire warnings about being careful what information you share online, who can overhear you giving out your credit card numbers etc. It seems like we’re being warned that there are ears everywhere. Do you know what? There are. But … Continue reading Do you have privacy fatigue?