Virus attacks and what can be done about them

I decided it would be a good thing to share some information other bloggers have written, as well as to present my own material. After all, if one of the key parts to good security is to keep things simple, then including information others have already produced probably helps, right? 

So, please check out this siteand I hope you enjoy it. I’ll add some thoughts of my own on virus defence in the next few weeks. 

4 thoughts on “Virus attacks and what can be done about them

  1. […] in reducing the scale of botnets by practicing good cyber hygiene: make sure you use a reputable antivirus product and ensure it is update regularly; apply patches frequently; change your passwords regularly; and […]


  2. […] card fraud, to money laundering, dealing in illicit arms and drugs etc.  They are involved in virus attacks and phishing on a large scale, and are in many ways one step ahead of law enforcement in an ongoing […]


  3. […] be helpful to highlight a few here.  I’m going to assume that you have an active and up-to-date anti-malware program installed on your machine: that’s a pre-requisite before connecting to the internet, […]


  4. […] It’s clear from this outbreak that the things I’ve been talking about – patching, antivirus, backups, phishing awareness etc – which are all simple things to do but often neglected, are […]


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