What exactly is Cyber?

While thinking about this blog, it occurred to me that I never actually explained what I mean by “cyber”.  There are many different definitions, and they are all right.  This means that it is important to ensure that when you are talking about it to someone, you both use the same definition, otherwise some concepts may get slightly lost in translation.

Let me give you two definitions I have found. “Cyber” is: 

  • relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality e.g. “the cyber age”
  • relating to electronic communication networks and virtual reality e.g. “cyberpunk”

Both descriptions are there or thereabouts.  Personally I’d say that “cyber” is:

  • relating to the use, operation, integration or involvement of one or more computers 

Whichever definition you go for or prefer, I think it’s clear that practically all aspects of modern life are affected by cyber in some way or other.  If you think that getting away from it all and walking in the countryside avoids cyber, think about whether machines were used to make the clothes and shoes / boots you’re wearing.  What about how you got to the countryside, any maps you may be reading etc?  It’s pretty hard to get away from cyber, isn’t it?  :o)

Cyber Security is the practice of implementing controls which protect your data and information systems (computers, smartphones etc).  It is a subset of Information Security, which also covers physical and human controls (eg barriers or staff vetting). Much of this blog concentrates on cyber security.  

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