Presentations – an update

Last week I shared some tips on how to produce good presentations. Earlier this week I found out that at a different conference I’d been voted one of the top speakers at the event. As you can imagine I was very pleased to hear this.

I’m convinced that this was a direct result of all the effort I put in to making sure it wasn’t just another bland PowerPoint. I’d prepared well, taken time to have good graphics, tried to engage the audience and most of all didn’t just stand there and drone on, reading out the slides.

Security is more than just a set of controls. Raising awareness, helping people understand the risks and what they can do to minimise those risks, is a key part of any security professional’s role.

Yes, public speaking takes a lot of hard work, but I’m positive that work is worthwhile. Watch TED talks, read up on what makes them work well and what doesn’t work well, and above all, be prepared. You’ll get a lot out of it too!

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