K is for…

Keeping it Simple

OK, so this isn’t strictly a security term, but it is hugely important. Do the simple things well, and you’ll address many of the main issues. In terms of cyber security, this really boils down to:

  • Keep your patching up to date
  • Keep your antivirus signatures up to date
  • Ensure you have good password hygiene
  • Penetration test your internet regularly
  • Ensure your staff have good security awareness training
  • Manage your joiners, movers and leavers process well

If you do only those things, you’ll be in a reasonably good place to start implementing good security practice.


This is either a hardware or software device which, as the name suggests, records all the keys that are pressed and either holds them in memory until the device is collected or sends them across the internet to the person who implanted the code. If you think about what you type on a keyboard, this could include passwords, passphrases, salary details, contract information etc.

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